Can't live like me! Blur it! Attraction is not good!
Solve your worries you.
You come across, everyone you can shine is more freely and friendly and beautiful and enjoy life to the fullest.

Keiko Adachi
You are living yourself?

Something different-and feel the heart feels out of place
So it's there or not by giving up?

Yes, the world like that and I think
Unfortunately that's right.

But you live with
Wonders and the world is more and more in your favor.

Why does such a thing happen?
Great relationships missions have been born there.

What is your mission?

You are born for nothing?

It is always worth to have been born.

Because it is "the law of the universe"

Whether you were born for nothing
Before ever born.
Actually you've decided.

Explores what it is?
It is good to listen to the voice of their own.

"You can contribute to the world just one thing

"You"”You "must be.
That is your mission.

Can you be you
There is significant in
Can you be you
It is the only things that can contribute to the world.

Steady, Fadeless! Not compare! Do not rely on!

You sound like you live
Yicong occurs 3.
Steady, Fadeless!
Not compare!
Do not rely on!
You will be born.

Blur than a dependent.
Of three things that were troubling you is not it?

A strange byproduct

And, together
"Best of you" to use every day!

Such people!

3 steps to fill your life

-Adachi Keiko their thoughts or talks.
201611 / 24, appeared on "live now of Kagawa.


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